Our Brand Story

Jonathan Zoo Glover founded Zoomania in 2020 to create a place where people around him can grow and reach their true potential. He gave wings to a clothing and active wear brand that helps people change their lives and called it Zoomania the Land of Growth.

Jonathan Zoo Glover grew up on the east side of Houston, in a poor area, together with his mother and five brothers. The biggest inspiration for Zoomania is his younger brother, Xavier Zoo Glover, whose name, and legacy live on through the brand.

Since his younger brother was killed in 2012, Jonathan fought to put an end to the violence around him. His goal became to create a world where people can grow as a person and feel safe. Zoomania is a land of growth where people can fuel their spirit with strength and grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Zoomania Clothing is an active wear brand that creates quality luxury clothing for that want to feel like Kings and Queens as they get fit and strong, and become an active part in the world around them. Becoming stronger means being able to do more for yourself and the ones around you.

Our products are comfortable and made from the highest quality materials. We are your reliable partner in your journey to become the best version of yourself. We always strive to improve the lives of everyone who crosses our path through our fitness equipment, fashion items, nutrition products, and more. Zoomania is all about winning and never giving up. Our slogan is “Striving for Perfection, Moving with Aggression” – empowering you to develop the right attitude to fight your way towards your best life